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e. The conduct of certain market and product surveys and the marketing of the products and services of
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f. Contact by mail or any other means regarding the products offered by S.C. MARGRAN CONSTRUCT
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S.C. MARGRAN CONSTRUCT S.R.L. hereinafter referred to as the Company, acting as the author, owner,
manager of the site, respects the private nature and the security of personal data processing of each person who
visits this site in order to make online reservations, being registered at the National Supervisory Authority for
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According to the provisions of the Law no. 677/2001 for the protection of persons regarding personal data
processing and the free movement of this data and the Law no. 506/2004 regarding personal data processing
and protection of privacy, the Company is obliged to safely manage and only for the purposes stated below, the
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The Company is obliged to preserve the confidentiality of the personal data provided by you by the means of the
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personal data protection.

According to the provisions of the Law no. 677/2001, registered persons, acting as concerned persons, have the
following rights:

• The right to be informed (art.12);
The right to access personal data (art.13);
The right to intervene on personal data (art. 14);
The right to oppose (art.15);
The right to be submitted to an individual decision (art.17);
The right to appeal to justice (art.18).

Any information provided by you will be considered and will represent your express consent for your personal
data to be used by the Company according to the purposes stated below.

If you do not want your data to be collected, please do not provide it to us.

If you want your personal data to be updated or removed from the database, you can notify us anytime at the
following address: S.C. MARGRAN CONSTRUCT S.R.L., I.C. Bratianu Street No. 13, 400079, Cluj-Napoca,

When you provide your personal data to us, the Company can use it for the following declared purposes, unless
otherwise specified:

To make sure that the web page is relevant for your needs;
To confirm the services you purchased using the online system and to provide you with additional
information regarding these services (operating programme etc.);
Enrolment in fidelity programs;
Transmission of offers, advertising and marketing messages;
Information regarding promotions by mail, phone, SMS or other communication means regarding the
products of the company or of partner companies.

The Company can disclose personal data to third parties if this is imposed by the law or in cases of good faith
where these actions are necessary in order to comply with the legal provisions; the protection and defence of
property rights of the company and of the current site; actuation in emergency circumstances for the protection
of the personal safety of the employees, of the users of products or services.

When the Company is requested to provide personal data or we have the permission to do so, only the data
necessary for the strict fulfilment of the object of the request will be revealed.

Besides what was stated above, personal data collection on this site implies:

The provision of the information requested and marked as compulsory, including personal data.

We use personal data collected on this site, by the means of forms, for the following purposes:

To provide the services you purchased;
To invoice the services you ordered;
To perform the online payment;
To insure the safety of the transaction/online payment/credit card, by applying antifraud filters;
To register you as a member in fidelity programs.

Personal data will be revealed to authorised institutions without your consent in case of litigations/disputes
regarding frauds.

The Company can use statistics or anonymous data resulting from processing for the following purposes:
To make reports/analyses;
To conduct briefings for our own purposes;
To publish, promote, offer the services provided by the Company.

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