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Margran - Ioan Gârba
S.C. Margran Construct S.R.L. was founded 18 years ago and the founder and soul of this company was the engineer Ioan GÂRBA, the promoter of fair and exhibition activities in Cluj-Napoca during the years when he was leading Expo Transilvania and afterwards when he was a decision factor as Vice-president within the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Cluj. Since 2001, S.C. Margran Construct S.R.L. is member of The Association of Fair and Exhibition Organizers in Romania (A.S.O.E.X.P.O.).
The main activity of the company is to organize fairs and exhibitions, design, construction and set-up of standard and customised exhibition stands which have an OCTANORM structure.

S.C. Margran Construct S.R.L. organizes fairs and exhibitions, having as trademarks the following fairs: Vipena™ and Texin™. Since 2011, Margran organizes Expo Prichindel, a fair designed for children. We also wish to initiate other fairs and exhibitions which will be announced in due time in the corresponding section of this site or on

As far as
exhibition stand construction is concerned, we offer to event organizers complete services of stand construction, furniture, panelling, graphics, 3D designing, for a surface of approx. 1500 sm.
Nowadays, the setting-up of an exhibition stand is more than an architecture exercise; it is an image vector, one
of the best methods of direct promotion that a company can use. Distinction has always been the success factor
meant to create a competitive advantage against the competition.

That is why we study and analyse the market trend, but the purpose of Margran is to propose new, innovative
ideas, one step ahead of the actual trends.  All colours and shapes can be integrated in a project. The architecture
we create and promote is led by the way we combine mass, space, volume, texture, light, shadow, materials but
also pragmatic elements such as accessible cost, execution, technology. All these have the purpose to reach an
aesthetic and functional result.

We start from the correct identification of the client’s needs and we try, together with the client, to satisfy them.

S.C. Margran Construct S.R.L. offers you:

• Construction of exhibition stands anywhere in Europe;
Construction of multiple-stage exhibition stands;
Turnkey exhibition stands (all inclusive);
Customised stand construction solutions for every budget;
Architecture (3D designing) and exhibition stand design;
Graphic design, sticker printing, sticker application on panels or on the walls of the stands
Interior design, shop windows decorations;
Decorative exterior or signalling structures;
Rental equipment, furniture, exhibition stand accessories;
Assembly, disassembly, transportation;
Organization of events and exhibitions.

Our first mission is to integrate your communication desire in a strategy of exhibition space design.

We invite you to access the Stand Construction page, in order to choose the adequate stand for your activity field
or to draw your inspiration from our previous projects by visiting the Photo Gallery. In case you don't find the
products or services appropriate for your needs or if you need further information, please contact us by visiting
the Contact page.